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Global Clean Energy Investment Brought Down as China Adjusts Energy Policy

Jul 22 2019 share:

Global investment in clean energy fell to a five-year low in H1 2019, registering a total amount of USD 117.6 billion and a decline of 14%, says BloombergNEF. [1]

China, the world’s largest market, abruptly shifted its renewable energy policy by curbing solar and wind subsidies last year, causing a 39% slowdown in its renewable energy investment and thus constituting a primary cause for the global drop.

Analysts say that the slowing investment in China is probably temporary, as they expect that a nationwide solar auction which is happening now can lead to “a rush of new PV project financings”.

Apart from China, the other two of the “Big Three”, Europe and the US, also experienced a decline of 4% and 6%, respectively, in this arena. Nevertheless, India, among other countries, attracted USD 5.9 billion of investment, up 10% from a year earlier.

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