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Do you have further information on uses of seven substances proposed for authorisation?

Mar 06 2020 share:

ECHA invites comments on its proposal to include seven hazardous substances in the REACH Authorisation List. Comments can be given by 5 June 2020.

ECHA is considering recommending seven new substances for the European Commission to include in the Authorisation List (Annex XIV to REACH). The substances are listed in the annex to this news release.

ECHA invites comments and further information, in particular on uses of the substances, on possible exemptions from the authorisation requirement as well as on the structure and complexity of the supply chains.

In parallel to ECHA’s consultation, the European Commission is calling for information on the possible socio-economic consequences of including these seven substances in the Authorisation List. The information received will be passed on directly to the Commission and will not be considered by ECHA.

If a substance is included in the Authorisation List, it can only be placed on the market or used after a given date if an authorisation is granted for a specific use. Companies that are using, manufacturing or importing these substances can apply for authorisation.


ECHA regularly recommends substances from the Candidate List for the Commission to include in the Authorisation List. The draft recommendation is based on an assessment of the data in registration dossiers and other available information, and an initial discussion with the Member State Committee. Registrations will be checked for any updates at the end of the consultation.

The Member State Committee will prepare an opinion on ECHA’s draft recommendation taking into account the comments received during this consultation. Based on the opinion of the Committee and the consultation, ECHA will provide its final recommendation to the European Commission in Spring 2021. This will be ECHA’s 10th recommendation. The Commission will decide on which of the substances to include in the Authorisation List and on the respective conditions applicable for each substance.

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