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Market trend of waterborne building waterproof coatings2020-08-10

Aug 10 2020 share:

The development of the construction industry has brought a good impetus to China's social production. Inspired by the concept of green economy and bionics and other disciplines, more and more high-tech and high-quality building materials have been born, which has brought great endogenous power to the development of the construction industry.


The research of polymer emulsion has promoted the development of new building waterproof coatings. In fact, many new building waterproof coatings on the market have far exceeded the traditional organic solvent coatings. In view of the development of water-borne building waterproof coating market, it is very necessary to realize the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Through the upgrading of thinking concept, the change of production mode, and the transformation of marketing, the transformation and upgrading are carried out. The development trend mainly includes the following three points: increase technical research and development, and promote the development of water-borne building waterproof coatings, To create good quality coating products, the current scale of China's paint market is large, but the quality is really worrying.


In the final analysis, the technology is not up to standard. Therefore, in the future, China's water-based building waterproof coating industry needs to increase technology research and development, especially in the core technology research and development, more efforts should be made to carry out.  Based on the investigation and analysis of competitive products in the market, we should strengthen the research and development investment in green building coatings, strategically acquire and merge small and medium-sized enterprises, integrate resources, and improve the quality of domestic water-based building waterproof coatings. Quality color and artistic design create value experience. In color design, water-based building waterproof coating should also develop towards youth and trend. In the production of coatings, enterprises need to fully investigate the market, analyze the decoration preferences and functional preferences of consumers, create customized paint quality and color sense, and gradually realize chain operation, collaborative development with home decoration design, realize customized home decoration service, and retain with high-quality service, personalized design and humanized consumption experience Customers, create a good reputation.


Therefore, enterprises should do a good job in brand planning, and design a complete service process to achieve "one-to-one" directional service, so as to enhance the production value and economic benefits of the company. With the help of the Internet, the publicity and promotion of water-based building waterproof coating can also be carried out online. The main audience of the new water-based building waterproof coating will face the customers who have higher requirements for decoration, or have strong novelty for home decoration, or have children at home. Such audiences are not sensitive to the price, but they have higher requirements for product quality. At the same time, such customers prefer to use the Internet to retrieve information. Therefore, in the new market pattern, enterprises should It is also necessary to make full use of the Internet to publicize and upgrade the marketing mode with the help of the Internet. The physical stores set up by enterprises in the local area gradually turn to the experience center.

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